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Blue Cheese Wings

Blue Cheese And Wings Don’t Go Together WTF?

Blue Cheese Is Not An Acceptable Wing Dip

So there I was on this beautiful Saturday afternoon here in Colorado, running a few errands when all of the sudden my random slack starts blowing up. Trey (Don of VSM) is getting answers for a pizza toppings post he’s doing. Obviously, I have to go give my input on what is the best pizza topping. But the conversation turns to wings and what dips go with your wings. I was FLOORED at the number of responses I saw about people getting BLUE CHEESE with their wings! I have to address it.

The Heathens Who Like Blue Cheese

Adam Krieger, Milo Coulter, Max Everett, and anyone else who has broken tastebuds that prefer to dip their wings in….blue cheese…I almost couldn’t type that out. Y’all are wild. Do you know what’s in blue cheese? Blue cheese consists of sour cream, mayo, crumbles of blue cheese, parsley, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and buttermilk. Half of those ingredients shouldn’t be anywhere NEAR a chicken wing. The thought of dipping a perfectly good buffalo wing into a dish of blue cheese makes my stomach turn. Wings don’t need any sort of dip to begin with, you should enjoy wings just as they are. Unless you’re Trey who likes his wings with no sauce and to dip them in buffalo sauce. Still kind of odd, but at least it’s better than Blue Cheese.

Check out Max’s article about Nintendo Mini Consoles. It’s good. His take on wing dips is not, however. At least the majority of us here at Vendetta Sports Media agreed that flats is the superior wing choice, but Alex Chick doesn’t care.

Drums and flats are still wings, imma still eat that mf

To be fair, he’s got a point. In my younger days, I used to be an all drums kinda guy. Now that I am old, I find that any wing is great but I do save flats for last. Another discussion for another time. I got a lot of hate for my take that the only sauce I would get with my wings is ranch.

Christian Lathrope

if you dip into ranch/eat boneless wings you simply don’t know wings

eat a salad if you want ranch

Milo Coulter

ranch is blue cheese for weak people

I will forever stand on this hill that Blue Cheese and Wings simply do not go together. Any of y’all who prefer to dip their wings into anything, especially blue cheese, is insane to me and that’s the end of the discussion. This fourth of July weekend, I hope we all devour as many wings as we can. But please, don’t dip them in blue cheese.

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