Vendetta Gaming: This PS5 Has A Price Tag To Make Scalpers Blush

In a world where uncertainty runs rife over the guarantee of a PlayStation 5, one site comes to us at our time of need.

Truly Exquisite remains the only site where you can currently at this time secure a preorder for your PlayStation console, but when it sounds too good to be true, that is because it is. As reported earlier in the year, the luxury brand has teamed with Sony to produce the sold-out consoles with glitz, glamour, and gold – literally 24 Karat gold.

The site is still taking preorders for the ridiculously extravagant device, although they have said that any orders made at this time will be dispatched in February, and even if you are an extremely patient person, are you extremely rich?

At this time you can grab yourself a Gold PS5 for between £7999 to £8099, a Rose Gold console for £8099-£8199 and you can earn Platinum trophies on your Platinum console for £8199-£8299, with the extra dosh paid out for the disc version of the console, but hey, looking at those prices make scalpers look like philanthropists.

It’s worth noting that the Gold console is currently in limited stock, so if you happen to be a Saudi Prince or Business tycoon reading this, or you’re just really lucky with the scratchers, then make sure to get to as soon as you can.

Or, if you’re like the writer and aren’t quite blessed with zeroes in your bank account (the right side of the decimal point) then you’ll have to wait.

Fear not, PlayStation has come out on Twitter and promised more retailer allocation before the end of the year.

We have some merch with a lower price point at the Vendetta Shop, have a look there before letting us know on Twitter and Instagram if you plan to cop the extravagant console.