Vegas Golden Knights NHL22 Franchise Mode: Episode 4

It’s time for some more hockey content. Episode 4 of the Vegas Golden Knights NHL22 series is back. I know, it’s been a while. It’s been a crazy few weeks for me. If you need a recap, here you go.

Soooo we play two games. Big hint: the first game doesn’t last long. That one is against the Islanders and I went to that game in real life. Another hint: it wasn’t that different from the game I went to.

The second game we play is against the Avalanche. Probably the best team in in the game and the fellas poured their hearts out in this one. Tune in and enjoy the episode.

PS: There will be some cool edits coming. I can’t edit these videos anymore like I did with Madden and FIFA. Company is too big. Don’t have time anymore.

ALL action can be seen on the Twitch Channel so why don’t you head over there first!