Tyler Herro Hype
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Tyler Herro Is Mad Overrated

Remember the Miami heat last year, taking the NBA by storm and surging their way to a finals appearance? Led by Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and, the star of this slam post, Tyler Herro. Where did they all go? What happened to this team? I’ll tell you what happened. The Miami Heat front office stunted their growth by overvaluing Herro, just like a certain someone did here at Vendetta. It’s time to come to terms with reality, Tyler Herro is fucking awful at basketball. 

Fraud Alert

Want some proof? I can do that. Last playoffs, Herro averaged 16ppg on .43/.37/.87 shooting percentages. This playoff season? He disappeared, much like the bubble heat team from a season ago. 9ppg, 31% from the field and 31% from 3. Isn’t he supposed to be this future All-NBA caliber guard he looked like he could be last season? Big time 2 guards for Miami don’t choke like that. All this hype around him has severely damaged this Miami Heat team, and their fans are suffering because of it.

Come On, He’s Still Young

Now, I would typically take it easy on young guys who maybe have a down year after a solid year because adjusting to NBA life and the game can be difficult. But it seems like Herro is more focused on fame and fortune rather than working on his craft and getting better. He reminds me a lot of Juju Smith-Shuster: trying so hard to be famous on social media and devoting all his time to that than being in the gym. The kid is a mockery of a basketball player. The best part? Miami will value him long-term and hang onto him. What a mistake. 

It’s really a shame about this Miami Heat team. They had all the potential in the world. Plus, they had a chance to land someone like James Harden. But they overvalued this trash ass Tyler Herro and squandered another run at the finals potentially. Maybe Pat Riley and the rest of the front office will get their head out of their ass and move off Herro and get this franchise heading in the right direction again.

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