LeBron James
Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

LeBron James Walked Off The Court In A Loss Cause He’s A Crybaby

Right as I start to like LeBron James, he goes and acts like a child, taking a big piss in everyone’s frosted flakes.

LeBron couldn’t handle losing one game and stay on the court for ten more seconds. Could you imagine if someone did that against LeBron? He would talk about not having respect for the game or him. It’s okay if LeBron does it, though, right? Comical.

I’m usually okay with LeBron’s antics. His windmill dunks while his team is up big, playing around on the sideline when winning, things of that nature I am cool with. I encourage it. It’s how people act when they lose is the problem. Players can accept their loss, be angry about it, and still at least have the decency to stay on the court until the game is over. LeBron was ON THE COURT and couldn’t stand to lose against inferior opponents and walked off. What a child.

LeBron wants all the respect in the world and can’t give that respect to others. He doesn’t respect his opponent when he loses, only when he wins. That’s bitch-made. For someone that claims he is the King, not being able not to storm off and have a tantrum because he lost is despicable. If I am the Miami Heat, I’d be furious. It’s funny that LeBron James talked smacked to Miami about the Heat being in trouble when they took the lead in the first quarter. Jimmy Butler returned the favor when the Heat put the game away, and LeBron couldn’t handle it.

The GOAT doesn’t have a weak mentality like that; just ask Mike.