Trysta Krick
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Trysta Krick Suspended From Barstool Trivia After Obviously Cheating

Playing the role of a heel is always great for drama and entertainment, but it doesn’t always translate well in the real world. Trysta Krick has been suspended from The Dozen Trivia Show after her actions in a recent match.

“The decision comes following dammung evidence in the show, a horribly uncomfortable appearence on The Rundown.”

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Trysta Krick’s last episode on The Dozen before her year-long suspension

A few quick thoughts, this should have been handled in the episode right away. Jeff D. Lowe, the host, and creator of The Dozen knew exactly what was going on in the middle of the show. It was so obvious, that an off-camera “judge” reminded Jeff that contestants needed to show their hands. He did eventually mute Krick, but at that point, she had so obviously cheated the damage had been done.

Lowe did make a statement at the end of the episode acknowledging Krick’s behavior but ultimately left the door open for the rest of the league to decide her fate. This is season two of the show, and after their successful tournament earlier in the year, contestants obviously care about the game and don’t want to be cheated. With a cash prize at the end of the season, people tend to take cheating pretty seriously.

Barstool has hired plenty of new talent this summer to help promote their sportsbook, so Kirk Minihane has tons of candidates in the office to replace his now suspended teammate. The show started as quarantine content for Barstool and has since turned into a show with multiple sponsors. I get Krick might be trying to play the heel at the company, but I would probably pick a time when there aren’t real monetary stakes.

Krick was a contestant on Season 1 of Surviving Barstool and was voted out that by her peers relatively quickly as well.