Bauer Not Good
(Norm Hall/Getty Images)

Trevor Bauer signed with the Dodgers according to Jon Heyman, and I am so happy he is not a Met.

This has been something I have been dreading to have to write since I started with Vendetta. Trevor Bauer is the biggest free agent pitcher to hit the market this year and his name had been tied to the Mets for the entire time.

Now onto Bauer. First of all, he thinks he is the best pitcher to step on a mound in the last twenty years and he would not even be the best pitcher on this Mets roster. His Cy Young this year makes him think he is great, but his numbers over a 60 game season are not enough to convince me.

His career ERA is 3.90. Yikes. Although his ERA in 2020 was under 2, he faced sub par offenses and never faced truly great competition in the box.

Now some fans love Bauer for being vocal on Twitter, he supported Tatis Jr when he hit a grand slam on a 3-0 count in a blowout game, and that is cool and all but his Twitter and social media antics I didn’t think would have jived well with this team. Shit, we recently saw the Mets’ new owner Steve Cohen get bullied off of Twitter for his stock market involvement. Noah Syndergaard aka Thor (who I love) doesn’t always have the thickest skin, so I can see a scenario where Bauer tweeted some stupid shit, and Thor not like it and letting that affect his on-field performance.

I feel like I am talking out of both sides of my mouth because baseball needs some help to market itself better, but Bauer is not the guy who should be the face of baseball.

My last piece on this is I truly don’t think Bauer is a good guy. He has been an asshole to females on Twitter for calling him out. This one incident details how Bauer tweeted at her 80 times. 80 TIMES, I don’t care who you are or what you do or even what she said to start it, he has to know that what he did is wrong, or doesn’t he?

TL//DR: Trevor Bauer is not good. Thank God he went to LA – from a Mets fan