Trent Brown
Peter Joneleit/Associated Press

I’m telling you, the Raiders time is coming. Yes, is that coming from a super ultra mega fan like me? Absolutely. Is there also some truth to it? Hell yeah brother. Now, I get it, most players on football teams aren’t going to say anything about their team. It’s just bad PR. While saying good things about the team is supposed to get fans excited about the upcoming seasons, as I am obviously. But as a Raiders fan and an analyst, I whole ass agree with Trent Brown. First, Darren Waller says the Raiders might have a top 5 offense? (Not a take I believe in by the way.) Now, Trent Brown says the Raiders have special times ahead? The Raiders are coming, why aren’t they getting any respect? Trent Brown’s full quote is below via ProFootballTalk of NBC Sports:

“I feel like we definitely got better this year,” Brown said, via the Fresno Bee. “We took strides last year and we’re going to continue to take strides and just put one foot in front of the other. Even with the additions last year, me being one of them, you can look at those guys and trust the organization . . . to put the right players in place for us to win some games and win championships. With Henry Ruggs, and we still got one of the best backs in the league and we got the best offensive line in the league. I mean, it’s about to be scary. I’m excited. I definitely think it’s going to be special times in silver and black for years to come.”

This sounds eerily familiar to what I was alluding to in my post that the Raiders could go 10-6 and make the playoffs. A take I’m standing by till the end of the season. Trent Brown makes good points here. The Raiders have one of the best Offensive Lines in the NFL. Josh Jacobs looks like a rising star behind that highly regarded Offensive Line. Derek Carr had injured Tyrell Williams and injured Hunter Renfrow last year. How do they fix that? Draft deep threat Henry Ruggs III, big body Bryan Edwards, and army swiss knife Lynn Bowden Jr.

Also, are we going to ignore the fact that the defense was horrible last year for the Raiders and their offense was stagnant in the 2nd half of games? With that and a hard ass schedule, they still went 7-9. They focused on the offense mostly for the draft and added plenty of pieces on defense. Trent Brown is right, this team definitely got better. With an easier schedule, I really don’t see why the Raiders can’t go 10-6. Everyone is so out on the Raiders just because of reputation. I hate it. But, in a way, that will make the Raiders much sweeter if I’m right. We’ll see.