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Josh Rosen
(Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Is It Too Soon To Declare Josh Rosen A Bust?

Josh Rosen
Is it too soon to declare Josh Rosen a bust? Rosen is running out of time to possibly change that narrative. (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

To say Josh Rosen has had a tough time adjusting to the NFL game would be putting it mildly. Heading into his third NFL season, the clock is officially ticking. Rosen is on his 2nd NFL team in that time span and could be traded again depending on who the Dolphins draft. This question may actually be overdue. Is it too soon to declare Josh Rosen a bust?

Similar to the man I just wrote about (Dwayne Haskins) Josh Rosen wasn’t given a fair shake. He was thrown into awful Arizona and even worse Miami. Rosen was given two defensive head coaches as well that didn’t elevate his game. Then again, Rosen was given a chance. That chance couldn’t have gone worse. He’s been arguably the worst quarterback to take the field the last two years.

In 16 career starts, Rosen is 3-13. In 20 career games, the former UCLA product has a completion % of 54.8. Rosen also has a QBR of 24.7 during his tenure in Arizona and 19.4 in Miami. It’s been pretty much all bad. 12 TD’s – 19 INT’s stinks too. Is it just time to say Josh Rosen stinks? You won’t have a hard time finding evidence to back up that argument.

Rosen would have been the first pick in the NFL Draft as a true freshman. That’s just a fact. The problem is he really never got any better from that point. Injuries, poor coaching, and a lack of talent was mostly to blame. The talent was hard to spot. This is a guy who was the former number one recruit in Tennis. Rosen wasn’t uber athletic but he had to tools to become a franchise quarterback. Rosen threw a pretty ball and was revered as a genius. Rosen came from an esteemed family.

So where do we go from here? Ryan Fitzpatrick is on the roster to serve as the veteran bridge quarterback. We know the Dolphins are going to draft someone. Will the Dolphins really keep Rosen as the 3rd string quarterback? Maybe that’s viable if you plan on redshirting Tua Tagovailoa? Will Miami really trade Rosen after just one year? Better question. Does anybody even want Rosen at this point? Is it fair to call Josh Rosen a bust? He’s running out of time to change the narrative as fair or unfair as it might be.


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