Tony Pollard
Tony Pollard is a great buy low candidate in long term fantasy leagues. Dynasty owners should be looking to acquire Pollard now. (Cowboys Gifs)

Tony Pollard Is A Great Buy Low Dynasty Fantasy Option

What if we’re asking the wrong questions? Will Ezekiel Elliott return to dominance with Dak Prescott back in the lineup? That’s not the question I’m interested in anymore. Zeke is great. Dallas will continue to run Elliott into the ground for as long as he can tout the rock. What I really want to know is what kind of value Tony Pollard has when Zeke can’t be that guy anymore.

Tony Pollard is famous on this site for a completely different and weird reason. Apparently back in the day, people couldn’t grasp the concept that Pollard was a running back (and you wonder why I hate people). Quietly, Pollard is pretty damn good.

All I know is every time Pollard touches the football, good things happen. For his career, Pollard is averaging 4.8 yards per carry which is a pretty elite mark. Now, that’s on just 187 attempts but so far, so good. The former Memphis product is also a weapon in the passing game too when they choose to use him that way. According to Next Gen Stats, Pollard did slightly more than what the offensive line provided him notching a 0.13 rushing yards per carry over expected.

We don’t know what Pollard would look like if given a full time role… but I kind of want to find out. In a long term fantasy league, whether it be keeper or dynasty, sign me up for Tony Pollard. Zeke turns 26 in July which doesn’t sound old but is in running back years. Mostly, it’s old given the fact that Dallas has run him into the ground.

Elliott has amassed 1,413 carries in five years not including any of his work in the passing game. That’s not going to last forever. Pollard is fresh, hungry, and ready to rock. Better yet, nobody is talking about him. It’s also an offense you want your fantasy player to be part of.

Check in with your fantasy league and try to invest in Tony Pollard now. Currently, he’s probably the best pure handcuff on the market. Lowkey… this could be a top 10 running back waiting in the wings ready to pile up a shit ton of fantasy points. Buy this stock now.