Tony La Russa
(AP Photo/Matt Marton)

Tony La Russa and the Chicago White Sox were already getting dragged on social media for this very questionable marriage. Now it seems as though there is even more reason to clown the franchise.

Tony La Russa is The Town Drunk.

Jeff Passan, ESPN’s Baseball Insider, broke the news of La Russa getting a DUI in February. Which the White Sox knew before hiring him.

However, when ESPN obtained the arrest report. Man oh man does this story get better. La Russa was a drunken fool while getting arrested, which most people under the influence tend to do. The thing is La Russa just made no sense at all.

La Russa was quoted “Do you see my ring?” and telling the officer, “I’m legit, I’m a Hall of Famer, brother.” Yes, you are La Russa in more ways than just baseball now. The fact that the White Sox knew about this entire ordeal and still hired him is laughable.

La Russa already had prior DUI charges against him and upon the second one at the ripe age of 76. The White Sox deemed him their best option for the manager. This story is beyond ridiculous. How in the world can the White Sox back up this hire?

La Russa And The White Sox Have A Lot of Explaining To Do.

The White Sox let go of Rick Renteria even though he had that team playing very well this year and is a finalist for the manager of the year. One would theorize the White Sox want to go with a younger manager that will use the analytics effectively. Not a dinosaur that hasn’t been in the game since 2011.

It’s never a good look to have your manager arrested for a DUI than to learn about it before hiring him and still hire him. The White Sox had to of known the arrest report would come out ad the world would see it. Did they just not care? Or, did they think everything would be fine?

Nevertheless, The White Sox are in some deep trouble from a public relations standpoint. This just makes them look so bad. As if hiring this dinosaur wasn’t bad enough. The White Sox have a bright future roster-wise it would be a shame to see that wasted away because of this terrible hire.