Marcus Stroman
Marcus Stroman has no interest in playing for the Tony La Russa led White Sox. Chicago hired La Russa after being charged with his second DUI. (Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports)

Marcus Stroman Will Not Play For The Tony La Russa Led White Sox

Marcus Stroman is a free agent for the first time in his career this Winter. You can already cross one potential landing spot off the list. Stroman has no interest in suiting up for the Chicago White Sox. Well, the version that includes new skipper Tony La Russa anyway.

In a conversation with Keith Law of The Athletic, Stroman stated that no amount of money would convince him to play for the White Sox. Suiting up for La Russa isn’t worth it.

The entire thread by Law and Stroman can be seen here.

Jerry Reinsdorf is going to do Jerry Reinsdorf things. The White Sox knew about La Russa’s DUI and hired him anyway. La Russa is a jackass but we sort of already knew that. His line to the cops about how he is a Hall of Famer is as bad as it gets.

Tim Anderson is arguably the White Sox’ best player. He has already come out and said he won’t change for La Russa. You know an argument between the two of them is only a matter of time.

When Stroman replied to a follower about playing for “an old and seemingly racist alcoholic” doesn’t seem like hyperbole. La Russa has now been charged with his second DUI and was vocal about disagreeing with Colin Kaepernick’s protests and later double down on those comments.

The only reason why the La Russa hire might work is because the rest of the AL Central is terrible. Otherwise, this hire has dumpster fire written all over it.