TJ Warren
AP Photo/Darron Cummings

I love this Pacers team. They have one of the better teams in the NBA without their best player in Victor Oladipo. I can only imagine how much more dangerous they’ll be when he eases back into action. But since he’s been gone, I expected Malcolm Brogdon or Domantas Sabonis to be the Pacers leading scorer. However, an unlikely hero in TJ Warren has been leading the Pacers in scoring.

TJ Warren Stats

Currently, TJ Warren averages 18.3 PPG on 51.6% shooting, 3.8 RPG, and 1.4 APG. As it looks, TJ Warren only looks best as a scorer for the Pacers. As he is 5th on the team for rebounding and 9th on the team for assists. However, leading the team in scoring when he wasn’t necessarily expected to is great for the Pacers. He doesn’t lead by much, with Sabonis .4 PPG behind him and Brogdon 1.2 PPG behind him respectively. The other two produced much more than Warren in other ways like rebounds and assists.

Before Victor Oladipo officially comes back, all 3 of these players average at least or more than 17 PPG. That means they average more than 50 PPG altogether. That’s already half of the team’s points before the rest of the team. This triad of scoring is looking stupendous so far. As mentioned, WITHOUT their best player in Victor Oladipo. When he comes back, he is sure to add probably the same amount of production as these 3 in scoring. Making these 4 players AVERAGE 70 PPG. That’s beyond scary. I’m not lying when I say the Pacers are the most underrated team in the NBA if you’re not scared of them yet. Just wait, you’ll realize that I tried to tell you to be ready for them.