Myles Turner
Michael Conroy/Associated Press

I really thought Myles Turner had a good chance to be THE big man in Indiana. It seems that the role has gone to Domantas Sabonis. Despite being a young player still, I am tired of waiting for Myles Turner to finally take a big step in his career. How much longer will it take?

Myles Turner Stats

Myles Turner is posting career lows this year since his rookie year in the NBA. Which he was playing 6 minutes less in this rookie year. He is currently averaging 12.1 PPG on 44.6% shooting, his worst FG% in his career. Turner also averages 1.2 APG and 6.0 RPG, also the lowest since his rookie year in the NBA. Now, I am willing to give Myles Turner SOME slack here, given how well the Pacers are constructed. However, he is 5th in scoring for this Pacers team, without Victor Oladipo even playing. 5th also means that he is behind Jeremy Lamb. That isn’t the best look. His 6 RPG is 2nd on the team, but for a player that has much upside, Domantas Sabonis averages twice as many rebounds than Turner. Even though as a big man, he is not known for assists, being 10th on the team for assists for how talented he is just isn’t good.

I thought Myles Turner was a great pick coming out of college. With flashes of brilliance on his part, I am just tired of waiting around for him to be consistent in that brilliance. Yes, Myles Turner is still so young in his career. But one has to wonder, how many years does to take a considerable jump in your career? He hasn’t really changed in production in his career. As mentioned, he is posting career lows. What is it gonna take for him to take that next step? I’m sure NBA fans and Pacers fans alike are waiting for that answer.