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Chaim Bloom

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

It’s Time To Fire Small Balls, Chaim Bloom

Chaim Bloom
It’s time to fire small balls, Chaim Bloom. The resume speaks for itself at this point and the Red Sox need to fire him immediately. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

It’s Time To Fire Small Balls, Chaim Bloom

He’s out of strikes. He’s 0-14 with 12 punchouts. The resume and body of work speak for themselves at this point. We’re past the point of losing confidence. It’s time to fire small balls, Chaim Bloom. Over and over again, Bloom has proven that he doesn’t have the big boy pants capable of leading the Red Sox to championship aspirations.

The resume speaks for itself at this point. NBC Sports Boston put together an all-time graphic that needs to be forever remembered.

Chaim Bloom
(NBC Sports Boston)

Letting Xander Bogaerts leave was criminal. Especially given the fact that an extension could have just been worked out in Spring Training. Something Bloom was in no rush to do.

The Andrew Benintendi trade was embarrassing. Something I roasted him for a long time ago. Forget all of them. I feel like I lost years of my life just being forced to watch Franchy Cordero play baseball for a team that they tried to pretend was trying to contend. That alone should make Red Sox fans vomit.

Worse yet, Josh Winckowski blows too. Something I’ve tried to promote as well because it needs to be talked about.

I also tried to warn this organization that keeping Kyle Schwarber was imperative. Bloom didn’t listen, of course, and even doubled down going as far as to say that Schwarber wasn’t worth paying after he led the National League in home runs. The disrespect alone should have gotten Bloom canned.

The Mookie Betts trade was criminal from the standpoint that he got 20 cents on the dollar regardless of if Jeter Downs worked out or not. I was all for taking the shot on Downs but made it very clear that they didn’t get enough in return for Betts. I said it then and I’ll say it again. Jeter Downs will make or break the Betts trade. Well, it turns out that he sucks because the Sox just DFA’d him today. The guy running the Red Sox just cut the primary piece of the Mookie Trade. I’m sorry but that man just can’t keep his job under any circumstance.

Again, some of these things I defended Bloom on but it’s clear that he’s not cut out for this job. You can’t make that Hunter Renfroe trade and then cut Jackie Bradley midway through the season after you screwed up by not making him a fourth outfielder.

Not getting under the tax at the trade deadline was criminal. It totally killed the draft pick return for losing Bogaerts.

I can do this for hours. If you want to fix the Red Sox, give me the job. What was the purpose of the Hoy Park trade? Am I the only one who’s pissed that he lost out on Jose Abreu and Zach Eflin? What about the idiotic call to leave Thad Ward unprotected in the Rule 5 Draft? NOTHING HE DOES MAKES SENSE.

I don’t want to say that Bloom is a bad person but he also did say he would donate money to cancer research for every win and then proceeded to try not to win games.

We have enough evidence at this point. It’s no longer an overreaction. Small balls Bloom gotta go. End of story.


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