Tim Tebow
(Jim Rassol/USA TODAY Sports)

Tim Tebow Needs to Stay Away From Baseball

Tim Tebow is not Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson, he is not a professional level athlete for one sport, never mind two.

Tebow got invited back to Spring Training with the New York Mets for the fourth consecutive year and at this point, it is just a flat out joke. There are only 75 sports for spring training, so is taking a spot from a prospect who could potentially be on the big league roster one day.

I thought that would change when Steve Cohen bought the Mets, the gimmicks to sell tickets would be erased and a major market team would bring in legitimate talented, baseball players to try and earn their spot. Cohen has done that with the major league roster, but this move smells of old failures and quick money-making BS.

It is not even like Tebow has proven he is capable of playing minor league ball. Tebow hit .151 in over 30 games in his four seasons at camps, and in 2019 was on the AAA roster also hitting well under .200.

I don’t even understand why Tebow is ever trying anymore, he is 33 years old and has another full-time gig working for SEC Network. However, this is still part of the dream for Tebow.

“That would obviously be something that would be special, and I think another part of the dream. Part of it’s just playing every day and enjoying it and competing, which I love. Obviously, it would be something special… but I wouldn’t say it would be a success or failure if that did or did not happen”

Tebow on making the major league roster

I just don’t get the idea of doing something without an end goal, why go to spring training and compete for a spot if you wouldn’t consider it a failure to not make the team. I know God and Jesus are always on his side, but Jesus can’t help you bring your average up a full 100 points or get you any younger. Why do something without wanting to be the best at it?

Tebow was a great college football player at the University of Florida, but that never translated to the NFL. He was an inaccurate passer and could not keep a roster spot, so he then made the switch to baseball, where his career is ever worse.

Tim Tebow should hang up the baseball dreams and just go sit on a panel of washed-up college athletes for ESPN.