Tim Tebow
(Mark Brown/Getty Images)

A Tim Tebow Comeback Is Now Donezo

Tim Tebow has had a less than ideal return to the NFL. The Jacksonville Jaguars have cut to former Heisman-winner turned Tight End after a pretty terrible display. My first article for Vendetta was actually about Tebow’s arrival in Jacksonville. It’s funny how things change. His biggest moment as a Jaguar, and a tight end for that matter, came recently in the preseason. Tebow gave close to the worst block ever. He just bounced off of a Cleveland Browns defender but somehow did help the running back gain yards. Everyone on social media was going crazy once again. Some were upset that Tebow got an NFL job ahead of other vets. Some couldn’t believe that the 34-year old was jacked in some photos. However, it was all a mirage.

What’s Next?

Even with his former college coach and a QB who liked him in the fold, Tebow still got the boot. Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence were not fans of his play obviously, despite having some nice things to say. All signs point to Tebow being done with football once again. With rosters being finalized ahead of Week 1 being around the corner, there is not a great chance another team takes a chance on him. Especially with his poor display just about the only highlights to show for it.

From the team’s perspective, the Jaguars will not miss him. Lawrence still has a healthy amount of weapons at his disposal ahead of his rookie season. The AFC South will also be an interesting matchup. A push for the division is a slim possibility for Jacksonville. We know the Texans are still a disaster. Carson Wentz is questionable for the start of the season in Indy and the Titans’ defense is still a question mark. Does cutting Tebow improve their chances of a successful season? Let’s wait and see.

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