That’s Some Cheese – Episode 125 – 8.17.21

Here. We. Go. That’s Some Cheese returns for episode 125 and “permanent survivor list” guy Anthony Fontanello is on the show this week. I apologize in advance that the episode went way too long. However, I always ask at the end of each show a 1-10 rating from the guest and the producer. Anthony and Courtney both gave it a 10 so you just may want to tune in and watch the whole thing.

The show can be broken into two parts if you don’t want to watch the entire thing. The first half of the show is all site and Fontanello related questions.

The second half of the show consists of the All Day Every Day situation that I didn’t get to fully talk about on the previous episode. Anthony and I play a little game. Fair or foul. I wrote down a list of everything the departed crew did. Anthony decides if their actions were fair or foul for each of the things on the list.

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