2020 NFL Trade Deadline
Three Wide Receivers The Bears Should Target At The 2020 NFL Trade Deadline (Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Three Wide Receivers The Bears Should Target At The 2020 NFL Trade Deadline

The Chicago Bears are in desperate need of a wide receiver with no clear number two on their team. Especially with the Playoffs just 90 days away, the Bears need to make a splash in the trade market. There are three receivers that I believe could help Nick Foles turn this into a top-15 passing offense.

Number 3: Julio Jones

Yes, this is not likely, but there have been rumors around the Falcons blowing things up, and I think two second-round picks and a third-round pick could get him. However, trading for Julio on his contract would mean giving up Allen Robinson next year. With Julio’s addition, defenses would have to decide on whether or not they would double team Julio or Robinson. Either way one on one coverage on either of them is a bad idea. With another top-10 receiver, Nick Foles should lead this Bears team to Super Bowl contention.

Number 2: John Ross

A more realistic option would be the Speedster from Washington, John Ross. The Bears could probably trade a fifth-round pick or a future fourth-round pick for John Ross. John Ross provides a fantastic deep threat opportunity with his 4.22 speed, along with his very underrated red zone skill set, which allowed him to get seven red-zone touchdowns in 2018. John Ross would be a crucial part of the Bears offense and would lead the bears to more deep balls, which Foles is comfortable throwing. Overall this trade would only help if Nagy uses him right. This trade could make the offense better or wholly useless and does not affect the offense.

Number 1: Will Fuller

The final and most realistic trade would be for Will Fuller for the Bears. The Bears would probably trade a third-round pick to the Texans for the young receiver. It was announced that the Texans are open to trading all receivers, so the Bears could easily pick one up, and the best one would be Fuller. At 26-years-old, Fuller is still young and is just entering his prime, and with 4.33 speed, he can be a needed deep option for this Bears team. Will Fuller would add a lot of skill and speed to this Bears offense and won’t be too expensive for the Bears to get.