Three Majors and a Minor
Welcome to another episode of Three Majors and a Minor. Graphic: Amanda Aylmer/Vendetta Sports Media

Welcome to another edition of Three Majors and a Minor. This week we discuss the Toronto Maple Leafs embarrassing loss to the Ottawa Senators, the Penguins dilemma, and the lack of calls for star players. Ready!?! Here we go…


On Monday the Toronto Maple Leafs proved why no true fan considers them a Stanley Cup threat. After taking a 5-1 lead against the worst team in the league the Ottawa Senators, the Maple Leafs proceeded to completely and utterly fall apart ultimately losing the game 6-5 in OT. Auston Matthews had three points, including two goals, but once again the Leafs showed their frailties defensively.

After the game, Matthews commented that the Maple Leafs  “definitely blew this one” and gets points for stating the god-damn obvious. Yet it comes as no surprise because this is who the Maple Leafs are when it’s all said and done. Their 11-3-2 record is just a veil hiding the hideousness that we all know is there. A round one exit in the playoffs awaits, you read it here first.


We’ve all heard the ‘as long as they have Crosby the Penguins are in win-now mode’ chat, but surely that has to change relatively soon. The fact of the matter is Pittsburgh is bad and the only thing keeping them anywhere near a playoff place is the fact there are three teams worse than them in their division. Thank you New York Rangers, Buffalo Sabres, and New Jersey Devils.

But is that a good thing? Sure they could sneak into a playoff place and go to the postseason, but as last year’s embarrassment against the Montreal Canadiens showed they are not prepared for that. The other option is to try to get a high draft pick through the lottery, but the odds lessen thanks to horrific teams like Buffalo and the Detroit Red Wings. The Penguins are seemingly stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.


Two things crossed my mind while watching the Colorado Avalanche’s 3-2 win over the Vegas Golden Knights on Tuesday. Firstly, if Vegas beat us for the second straight game I was going to have to block former Vendetta Sports Media COO Serenity Liessmann. Secondly, can the refs please call grievances on Nathan MacKinnon please! The number of times his hands were slashed or his stick hooked was beyond believable.

Now I get it, I’m an Avalanche fan, a homer if you will, so of course, I’m going to think it’s a foul. Well, that’s because IT IS! It’s also not just MacKinnon who gets this treatment as I’ve seen enough Conor McDavid games to know he’s a victim too. The consensus seems to be “they are so much better than everyone else it’s only fair we let them get fouled constantly”. 

Well, I’m calling Bullshit. If it’s a penalty it’s a penalty, I don’t care if it’s on MacKinnon, McDavid, or Ronald fucking McDonald. Call the damn penalty!


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