In this post-Thanksgiving episode of the Tanndemonium Sports Show, Bryan and JLaw discuss;

Russell Westbrook On The Move!

Russell Westbrook is OUT of Houston! Traded for a guy that hasn’t played in two years, John Wall, and a first-round draft pick. Is this a good trade? Or is this Houston just getting rid of him?

The NFL Screws Up…AGAIN!

So the Baltimore Ravens can’t get their COVID-19 protocols under control, so the game was bumped from Thursday Night Primetime to Sunday, to Tuesday, and then to Wednesday afternoon! Ugh! How can a billion dollar business be run this horribly?

He-Man Woman Haters At It Again

Sarah Fuller made history! And adult males with tiny pee-pee energy can’t take it! How dare a woman have more athletic talent and skill than they do!

Bryan Goes to the Dark Side

With Black Friday sales comes purchases that you wouldn’t think you would make. Well, after all the trash talking Bryan did, he did the unthinkable!

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