That’s Some Cheese is back! With sports around the corner, it’s that time to bring the podcast back. Our Australian correspondent, Jarrod Prosser, makes his return on the show for episode 74 of That’s Some Cheese. With that being said, it’s time to talk hoops! The NBA is set to resume shortly so we dive right in. Jarrod and I talk about the bubble, teams, and players to watch in a 50ish minute episode.

Also, I apologize for the spotty audio when I talk in the episode. Jarrod’s audio sounds perfectly fine for some reason. I tried to fix it the best I could but it still has those spotty parts when I speak. I had the mic on the wrong setting for some odd reason. I promise you it’s not annoying to the point where you can’t listen to it. For those that have listened to the show know that audio has never been an issue so I apologize in advance.