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That's Some Cheese
Trey Daubert

That’s Some Cheese – Episode 71 – 5.5.20

That’s Some Cheese returns with episode 71. Vendetta Australian correspondent, Jarrod Prosser joins the show. The Last Dance is the only thing keeping us sane during Corona. Now that the series is halfway through, Jarrod and I break down some of the takeaways to the documentary. If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you doing? July 19 the full series is expected to be released on Netflix. I will be rewatching the entire thing. Yes, we will do another podcast episode on the documentary after the series is over.

No video version for this podcast. Nobody wants to see our mugs at the time we recorded the episode. As always, all shows including That’s Some Cheese can be found on YouTube. Make sure to hit that Subscribe button!

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