That’s Some Cheese returns with episode 43. It’s time to welcome in a new member to the Vendetta family. Introducing Massachusetts native, Zach Black who will be joining the site. Zach admits that he’s a bit of a Boston homer but that just means he’s a winner. Zach is a smart guy who’s just getting started with this world so make sure to give him a warm welcome. Today’s episode features a bunch of different topics.

We start in the NBA where the 2019 NBA Draft is today. We break down a few options the Celtics should take a look at.

During the mid-way portion of the episode, we dive into the constant disrespect towards Xander Bogaerts plus dive into how the Red Sox can improve and repeat as champs.

Finally, the episode concludes with a couple of NFL topics. Should the Cowboys pay Dak Prescott? How big of an impact with N’Keal Harry have for the Patriots as a rookie?