Teenage Bounty Hunters
Teenage Bounty Hunters Netflix review. This show is worth the watch and somehow finds a way to surprise you. (COURTESY OF NETFLIX 2020)

I crashed hard core this week. I essentially worked myself to death and slept quite literally 20 hours in a day. I needed a show to numb my mind so I gave Teenage Bounty Hunters a try. As always with these Netflix reviews, I try to limit the spoilers. Teenage Bounty Hunters did not disappoint. Let’s get into the review.

The show is centered around two teenage girls (Sterling and Blair) who come from an uppity wealthy Christian Southern household. One day strolling around the world, they accidentally find themselves in the world of bounty hunting. Turns out, they quite the assets down the road for the head honcho Bowser.

I’ll be honest; I liked this show a lot. Any show that can keep me guessing rather than being able to figure out the outcome automatically makes me interested. This show does a great job of that. Lots of secrets and lying going around these parts of town.

The “twins” (if you know, you know) are both interesting. I find Blair more interesting but that’s just me. The character development for both girls is wild. Especially what happens with each of their dating history. Which is already wild based on the fact that the setting is very church centric.

The most unfortunate part is the show was not picked up for a second season. That’s really the only downside to this show. It’s bullshit because this show absolutely deserved another go at it. The ending is absolutely bonkers too.

Maybe it’s not the greatest show of all time but overall it’s funny, easy to watch, and finds ways to surprise you. No complaints from my end. A solid watch.