Ginny & Georgia
Ginny & Georgia Netflix review. No regrets watching this one. This show rocks and is absolutely worth the watch. I love this show. (COURTESY OF NETFLIX)

Ginny & Georgia Netflix Review

It’s time for another Netflix review because everything is content. I just finished the first season of Ginny & Georgia so it’s time to give my thoughts on the show. It has already been confirmed there will be a second season… because there has to be. Here we go. Let’s do this thing. Of course, I will attempt to limit the spoilers.

If you want the skinny, here it is. Netflix essentially attempted to recreate the Gilmore Girls. Except, this one is a hell of a lot more entertaining. Say whatever you want about Georgia Miller. Lover her, hate her, you have to tip your cap to this woman. She may be a screamer but she’s a survivor and has made the most out of the lemons she was dealt.

I gotta be honest; I love this show. The character development in this show is amazing. The drama is maybe a bit over the top but the way the secrets come to life is incredible. The writers do a really good job leaving some cliffhanger cheese making you want to dive into the next episode. They also have odd twists and turns so you don’t exactly know what’s coming next every time.

The most interesting part of the show is how you feel about each character. Personally, I can’t stand Ginny. Can’t stand her but some may find her likable. I don’t know how you don’t respect Georgia, but I’m sure some will find her actions repulsive. Even the side characters are interesting which is rare. I actually knew the names of the side characters which usually doesn’t happen.

I highly recommend this show. I don’t know what the term is for chick flick as a TV show but I’m all for this one. Sign me up. No regrets watching this puppy.