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EDP445 Allegedly Caught Grooming Another Underage Girl 

EDP445 Caught Allegedly Grooming Another Underage Girl  The fall from grace continues for controversial YouTuber EDP445 as he is allegedly involved in another scandal. EDP445 made comedy videos on YouTube…

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Jiedel Weighs In on 2HYPE Allegations, LosPollos Claps Back on Twitter

Jiedel Responds to Mopi Departure In the wake of Mopi announcing his departure from the creator group 2HYPE, James "Jiedel" Riedel responded to many of the allegations levied against the…

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Mopi Announces He is Leaving 2HYPE, Kristopher London Responds

Mopi, YouTuber and member of 2HYPE, shockingly announced he would be leaving the creator group this past weekend. He broke the news via Twitter: The announcement came after a weeks-long…

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