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Jiedel Responds to Mopi Departure

In the wake of Mopi announcing his departure from the creator group 2HYPE, James “Jiedel” Riedel responded to many of the allegations levied against the group by the Internet. Mopi is not the first YouTuber to have a falling out with the group, leading to many fans speculating on 2HYPE’s toxicity. Here is what the 25-year-old creator had to say:

Anyone who has watched 2HYPE’s videos knows that James is a very logical person. Here he attempts to systematically address each of the negative allegations against the group. He denies that they are hungry for money and claims falling outs with old members were due to differences in initiative. This Twitter thread was liked by 2HYPE members Zack and Cash. However, it opened the door for former 2HYPE affiliates to respond with their own opinion.

LosPollos, TDPresents, and Walker Clap Back

2HYPE has split with other creators in the past, including LosPollosTV, TDPresents, and ThatWalker. These departures stirred up their own drama. When fans brought up the old members to James, he denied the reasons for the fissure:

Here, Jiedel claims that the splits with other creators happened because they flaked on video obligations to the group. LosPollosTV responded to these accusations with his own perspective on the situation:

Los completely contradicts James’ assertions, defending fellow creator TDPresents in the process. 2HYPE apparently FaceTimed Los to kick him out of the group, citing “business reasons” for the split. Associated creator ThatWalker posted a GIF in response to the resurfacing drama.

A fan commented on Los’ thread, suggesting that 2HYPE is way more successful than the creators who left the group. This prompted reactions from both Los and TD, where they showed off their current living situation.

It’s worth noting that Walker’s GIF, Los’ response to James, and TD’s video were all liked by Mopi on Twitter. Evidently, he shares a common perspective with 2HYPE’s other ex-members. Mopi has not revealed any details behind his withdrawal from 2HYPE, but with the drama heating up, more details should be available soon.


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