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Mopi, YouTuber and member of 2HYPE, shockingly announced he would be leaving the creator group this past weekend. He broke the news via Twitter:

The announcement came after a weeks-long social media hiatus. 2HYPE explained in their recent videos that Mopi was taking some time away from the Internet to focus on his mental health.

What is 2HYPE?

2HYPE is a creator group based in Los Angeles, California. Once primarily focused on NBA2K content, they have branched out in recent years to other sports, lifestyle, and challenge videos. They frequently feature in videos on each other’s channels and live together in the 2HYPE House. This weekend, they won the YouTube Streamy Fan Award for Best Creator Squad. The current members of the group are:

  • Jesse “Jesser” Riedel, 3.33 million subscribers
  • James “Jiedel” Riedel, 1.10 million subscribers
  • Kristopher “LSK” London, 2.43 million subscribers
  • Cassius “CashNasty” Clay, 3.91 million subscribers
  • Zack “ZackTTG” Mowley, 1.06 million subscribers
  • Mitchell “Moochie” Crowley, 567,000 subscribers

2HYPE is also affiliated with lifestyle brand 100 Thieves. The main 2HYPE channel has 1.49 million subscribers.

Mopi Announces His Departure

Considering that he was a longtime member of 2HYPE, Mopi’s Twitter post was a shock to many fans. Referring to the group as “LHype,” he suggested that he was only on good terms with two current members of the group: Cash and Moochie. This is also surprising given that Mopi and Jesser have been friends since childhood. Mopi suggested that he would be releasing a video with details in the future.

2HYPE are not strangers to situations like this. In the past few years, they have had disputes with multiple YouTubers, including some who were part of the group. TDPresents and LosPollosTV are two examples of creators who have had a falling out with the group.

Collectively, 2HYPE generate a ton of revenue with their content. Fans have speculated over the last couple days that perhaps money became a factor in Mopi’s distrust with the group. No specific reason has yet been given for the rift.

Kristopher London, Jesser Respond

Kristopher London took to Twitter to respond to Mopi’s tweet:

Kris suggests that he was completely blindsided by Mopi’s negative words for the group and that he legitimately has no idea what is going on. Jesser posted his own response:

It seems that Jesser agrees that the situation came out of nowhere. Jiedel liked Jesser’s tweet, but has not posted any response of his own. Zack, Cash, and Moochie have not made any comment.

With no context behind Mopi’s tweet other than his prior social media hiatus, it’s hard to determine what precipitated his dissatisfaction with 2HYPE. More details will certainly come to light in the next few weeks.


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