Superbad movie review. Overall it can be described as a funny movie. No regrets rewatching this film. (Everett Collection)

Superbad Movie Review

The other day I saw that it was McLovin’s 40th birthday. For whatever reason, that sparked me to rewatch Superbad after I saw it scrolling through Netflix. Soooo here we are. It’s time for another film review. As always, the spoilers are kept to a minimum so you can relive the glory yourself.

The premise of the story is these seniors in high school are trying to live life with one final party before the school year ends. Will they head to college as virgins?

Overall, Superbad is pretty funny. Not sure it lived up to the hype from what I remember, but still a quality filme. Jonah Hill is hilarious in this movie. He’s the star of the show. Seth just wants to get drunk and hook up with his crush from school that’s way out of his league. Without his performance, I’m not sure the movie is watchable.

Then we have McLovin. The nerdy kid that saves the day by buying booz for the upcoming party. Of course, there are some hitches along the way which includes an unexpected run in with the cops. His storyline is also funny.

Michael Cera is the one that brings the score down. He’s just not funny in any way shape or form. He’s painfully boring. Everything about that guy sucks. He makes you cringe. Maybe his character fits the movie cause he’s different. I just think the movie could have been WAY better if he didn’t suck.

Overall… Superbad is a good movie. No regrets watching it back. Most people have likely seen it but if you have not, check it out. Let me know what you think.