Think Zion Williamson is a lock to go number one in the draft? Think again, Phoenix has a different plan (Sean Logan/azcentral sports)

James Jones was recently hired as the Suns General Manager. Odd hire considering that reports came out a few weeks ago that Jones was refusing to scout. Hire a gm that refuses to scout? That’s a bold strategy cotton, let’s see if it works out for them. The Suns appear to be doubling down and are going for the road less traveled.

With all the hype surrounding Zion Williamson, it has been assumed that he is a lock to go with the first pick in the draft. Well, not if the Suns have anything to say about it. Phoenix does’t even want him. They prefer Ja Morant.

“Sources around the NBA are buzzing that Morant is actually the player the Suns prefer to end up with. Particularly, Jones is thought to be a fan of the dynamic lead guard. It’s not a surprise, given their need at the point guard position.”

I could gloat about how I called this with a buddy recently. Credit to me for not doing so. Instead, I feel sadness for Devin Booker. A rising star at the age of 22 who is repeatably being raked over the coals by one of the worst run franchises in professional sports. This franchise doesn’t get virtually anything right. If this happens, Booker has every right to request a trade.

Something we recently discussed on NBA Shorts:

Maybe the Suns secretly hired Mike Francesa to run the draft room. He’s the only other person say that Zion shouldn’t go first. Again, bold strategy to pass on a guy who shoots 70 percent in college. Hey, I’m sure that won’t translate. It is absolute lunacy in the streets. I think James Jones was listening too much to LeBron James’ roster construction ideas. What I would do if I land the first pick? Take Zion and trade Ayton.