It’s time to give Succession a proper review. It has a ton of hype but is it worth the watch? Here is our review. (HBO Max)

Succession HBO Max Review

I recently just finished season three of Succession so it’s time for another review. It would appear a 4th season is on the way, but now is a perfectly good time for a review to decide if you should invest your time in the show. Spoilers will be kept at a minimum as always so let’s get right into it.

I would say more than anything the writers create the hype here. Not the storyline. The plot, in reality, is kinda flawed. Thus far we’re basically 30 hours into an old man on the verge of dying, who refuses to die, that changes his mind about who is taking over the family business every 20 minutes. It’s not really a story that’s filled with intrigue. The writers creating the twists and turns are what makes it interesting.

Listen, I’m all for the games being played here. It makes it semi interesting. It’s more so the things that you really can’t predict coming. That’s what really gives me an appreciation for this show. When I can’t guess what’s coming, then you really have my attention.

All of his kids are very hatable. Shiv, Kendall, and Roman all suck for different reasons. It’s actually really hard to pick a rooting interest. Because of that, it sort of gives you an appreciation for the dad (even though he’s a total asshole) since you can see from his perspective why he wants to hold onto control. His kids are dopes and can’t be trusted to run the biggest corporation in the world.

The side characters are also amazing. Dude… I love Greg the Egg. How can you not? He’s so fascinating. I laugh at basically anything that Tom does. He’s funny without trying to be funny. That duo alone is worth watching the show for.

Truthfully, I thought season one was sort of a B. However, the way it’s written the minor details that impact big details in season two and how it’s all tied together pushes it up towards an A-. The only thing that’s really not great is there is only so much you can do with this plot. What they need to do is have these writers in a room with a better plot and it would create one of the best shows ever made.