Suarez and Messi Drama
Barcelona FC players, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi, have caused a lot of drama this week. Both are out the door after many years of loyalty. Photo by Lluis Gene.

Lionel Messi has been making headlines again. However, it’s because he announced that he wants to leave Barcelona FC. The new manager, Ronald Koeman, is being slammed for the way that he let some of the players go like Luis Suarez. Between the Suarez and Messi drama, all eyes are on Barca.

Many weren’t excited about the arrival of Koeman at the club. Then after he announced a list of players who don’t fit into his future vision, he got more bad light. To top it all off, he’s being called out for the way he let Suarez go.

Koeman decided to let Suarez go over the phone. This has people like Manuel Pellegrini, who has managed Real Madrid, Manchester City and now Real Betis, to be disappointed in the way Koeman handled the situation.

“Personally, it does not seem correct,” Pellegrini told ESPN.

“One, as a coach, must have the conviction and the frontality to speak face to face with the player and tell him that he will not continue to play.

“I have had to do it many times and it hurts, but doing it by phone seems to me a lack of respect towards the coaches and the players.”

After players like Suarez have been on the team for so long, they should’ve gotten more respect. But the big ax came for many of the famous Barca players who are no longer apart of Koeman’s vision.

This has all welled up into a big storm for Messi to announce his departure from the club. He made headlines this year by not extending his contract that is set to expire next year. But after a horrible season of losing the La Liga title to Real Madrid and losing 2-8 in Champions League against Bayern Munich, it’s almost no surprise. The management that Barca has been bad since Pep Guardiola left.

It is unclear if the superstar will be able to leave this summer on a free transfer or if Barca will put a large asking price for him. It was reported that the release clause on Messi is £631 million.

Some teams like Liverpool FC aren’t interested in making a bid. Jurgen Klopp admitted wanting Messi- who wouldn’t? But there is “no chance” for the bid to come in just by looking at their budget. Bigger named teams like PSG have been rumored to be in the running. But the most likely is Man City.

Guardiola and Messi’s relationship is stellar. If City can sign him, then Guardiola would have no issue in building a new team around him. According to The Sun, Guardiola and Messi have already been in contact.

Barcelona FC President Josep Bartomeu offered to step down from his position to keep Messi at the club. But Messi hasn’t been taking his calls and refuses to talk face-to-face with him. After a 20-year relationship, Messi has finally pulled the cord.

The current management of Barca is going out of control. After facing Suarez and Messi drama all week, the future seems dark for the club. But this may be a chance for players to find a happier path.