Stanley Cup Final Pool
Stanley Cup Final Pool (AP Photo/Ray Carlin, File)

The Stanley Cup conference finals are over. The Vendetta pool has advanced to the next round. We have our winner(s) and our loser(s) of our Stanley Cup Final pool.

Since we had ties for both winners and losers, we will have to do another competition to find the real winner and loser. The competition will be announced through our Twitter, so make sure to go check that out.

Everyone lost a huge amount of points because the Vegas Golden Knights didn’t go through. Karl, Jackson and Jarrod were the only ones to gain any points going into the next round.


Karl- 38

Jackson- 38

Jarrod- 35

Jacob- 35

Alex- 32

Trey- 28

Andrew- 19

Scott- 19

Gavin- 19

Serenity- 19