Conference Final Pool
The Stanley Cup conference final pool. Photo by Serenity Liessmann.

The quarterfinals of the Stanley Cup were wild. Three of them went to game seven. Now everyone in the Vendetta Stanley Cup pool has been tossed around. Here is the updated conference final pool.


Jacob- 35

Alex- 32

Karl- 29

Jackson- 29

Trey- 28

Jarrod- 26

Andrew- 19

Scott- 19

Gavin- 16

Serenity- 16

Possible Points

Jacob and Alex are the only ones that have to choose for the Western Conference. Both Jacob and Alex chose Vegas to move on to the Stanley Cup final. They have the possibility of gaining nine points going into this next round.

Karl, Jackson and Jarrod have the possibility to gain 18 points going into the next round. They have Vegas and Tampa Bay. If both teams go through to the Stanley Cup final, then they can get ahead in points.

For everyone else (Trey, Andrew, Scott, Gavin and Serenity) they can gain nine points if Vegas goes through to the final.

The race for the top is close, but Gavin and Serenity have secured last.