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Splitgate Epitomizes Gaming Today

Splitgate is one of 2021’s most entertaining games, but before I go any further, make sure to subscribe to our Twitch page. We are incredibly fortunate to have one of the best streaming groups in the business, headlined by Jackson Law and Cayne Lander. While the game itself is a hell of a lot of fun, our portal masters make it primetime television. The game is hard to put down once you pick it up, and it truly is one of the best and most fun games of the year.

What Makes Splitgate Split-Great

There are many different components that make an FPS successful. One such component that 1047 Games has crafted better than most is movement. Many are simply used to the Call of Duty formula of walk, sprint, crouch, jump, but Splitgate contains two major additions to the player’s movement: a jetpack double jump and portals. Both features allow maps to be large and vertically complex, making gameplay thrilling and unpredictable. On one hand, having the jetpack on your second jump gives the player more flexibility in the air. You can use your whole burst at once or sparingly tap on the jet pack to fly longer horizontal distances.

Next up are the portals. 1047 made it easy to deploy them by using the bumpers/ L1 R1 on your Xbox/Playstation controllers. You cannot place them just anywhere, but there are easy-to-identify blue walls and floors all over the maps. Players can surprise attack enemies by getting the jump on them, escape if outnumbered, travel long distances, and more. Gunplay is fast and responsive with a healthy variety of weapons, and veterans and noobs alike will have fun with ease playing Splitgate.

Go Play Splitgate

Splitgate has arguably created a blueprint for all other free-to-play FPS games to follow in their footsteps. With dynamic movement mechanics, fun gunplay, a good variety of maps and weapons, and being completely free, there is no excuse not to try it. It is worth noting that Splitgate is a beta. There are a few more weeks to go, but I highly recommend playing Splitgate while you still can. I assure you that the game is more than worth it.

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