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Breaking: 1047 Games Extends Splitgate Beta Until Mid-To-Late August

When it was announced that they would be shutting down servers until the full release of Splitgate, 1047 Games teased a special announcement this morning at 10:30 AM (PT). They have now announced that the beta will be extended for at least a couple of weeks. 1047 Games intends to release the exact build of Splitgate that they were planning to release as the full game on July 27th, complete with new maps as well as server optimizations and capacity increases. This information comes with the news that the venture firm Human Capital has injected approximately ten million dollars into the company for the development of Splitgate.

Over the past two weeks, 1047 Games has been struggling to keep up with demand. In that span of time, Splitgate has gone from about 400 concurrent players to over 65,000. According to 1047 CEO Ian Proulx, there have been over two million downloads since the start of the beta as well, catapulting the Halo-style game to the top of the charts on virtually every free games list (Xbox, PS, Steam). The results were unstable servers, login errors, and more than a few bugs and glitches. Despite these issues, the devs have been met with seemingly unbending support from their community. After all, nobody could have predicted these levels of success.

After shutting down their servers ahead of the anticipated July 27th launch, 1047 announced that the open beta would be extended until August. Since they now have more capital to work with, the finished product (or, the new finished product, rather) will be released in the future.

This is a win-win. Splitgate will not lose any of its steam, as they have secured investors that will ensure continued success, and we do not have to wait a month to play again. It remains to be seen if the servers will be better, but if it was going to be a disaster, they probably would have just pushed it back altogether. Essentially, we are getting the same thing we would be getting regardless of whether they call it a beta or not. This just means that when they do release the “full game”, it will be bigger, better, and more stable.

Make sure to catch the Vendetta team on Twitch, where we will most definitely be streaming Splitgate (among other things).

More to come.

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