Andre Drummond MIGHT be better than Maxi Kleber. He’s sure as shit not $20 million better. Spending big money on a center isn’t smart. (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

Small ball is the way to go in the NBA. It’s not going away and it’s only going to continue to be exasperated. The Houston Rockets want to move on from Clint Capela. Why? Cause they’re better without him. The Pistons are going to be lucky if they get a 2nd round pick for Andre Drummond. The Thunder would do some nasty things if it meant getting rid of Steven Adams. Spending big money no centers (particularly centers who can’t shoot) isn’t smart.

For years the Warriors won championships going with the death lineup with Draymond Green at the 5. When they needed to throw out a center, JaVale McGee was good enough. The gap between Kevin Durant and Trevor Ariza is much greater than the gap between McGee and Capela. It’s why the Warriors didn’t get touched. Houston is the only team that got close and it was only when they exiled Capela.

You can’t win investing big dollars in the center position. I should say it puts you at a big disadvantage. Boston has shown that throwing a few bucks at Daniel Theis and Enes Kanter is arguably more productive than what Andre Drummond gives you except Drummond costs significantly more. Why would anybody want Drummond at $27 million when you can have Theis at $5?

Dallas is one of the surprise teams in the NBA. Luka Doncic has been great. So has Kristaps Porzingis and he’s not a traditional big. The Mavs have it right. Maxi Kleber has been great for them and he costs $8 million. Kleber provides size and 38.4 percent from deep. He opens up the offense for everyone else. Is Drummond better or more valuable than that guy? If so, he’s not $20 million better.

Investing big dollars in the center position is foolish. Even guys who I like such as Myles Turner, Indiana would move him tomorrow for the right price and not really think twice. Grabbing the best possible wings and shooters possible is the way to win in the NBA. The Jazz will never win anything with Rudy Gobert. They’re the biggest fan boy team in the league. If your center can’t shoot at a mediocre level, he’s not worth big boy money. Simple as that.