Space Jam
The new Space Jam movie with LeBron James sucks. It should be burned and never seen again. This is your HBO Max review. Not much else needs to be said. (Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection)

Space Jam: A New Legacy HBO Max Review

Let’s just cut to the chase; this movie sucks. If that’s good enough for you, feel free to exit the blog now. Since I’m essentially required to write 300 more words, we will be reviewing Space Jam: A New Legacy. You know, the new Space Jam film with LeBron James on HBO Max. Let’s get this over with (while trying not to give away spoilers).

I really wanted this to be good. I went into it with an open mind. I love the original Space Jam. However, this newest iteration is so bad that if I were a LeBron fan (I’m not) I would be genuinely embarrassed.

A: LeBron cannot act at all. He’s as bad as Kyrie Irving in that department. Maybe worse.

B: The script is awful. Some guy that doesn’t exist, but does exist, traps people in an alternate universe, creates monstars but as a video game form, plays a basketball game with fake rules, and somehow loses despite having the code to said game. There is more to it but I could have told a toddler to come up with a better script and he or she could have done it.

C: It wasn’t funny. I swear there was not a single moment I laughed at. Not one.

I really don’t have much else because I’ll feel like it’s beating a dead horse. It has zero redeeming qualities. I’m actually angry because they were better off throwing this entire thing in the trash so it doesn’t tarnish the first film.



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