Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge should be thankful he doesn’t play for the Red Sox. The numbers show that he can’t hit at Fenway Park (Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)

Aaron Judge or Mookie Betts? Who would you rather have. Yankee fans would probably take Judge. Red Sox fans would probably take Betts. That’s just the reality. What would happen if the two somehow switched teams? I can tell you one thing. Aaron Judge can’t hit at Fenway Park. It’s a predicament that’s growing more and more concerning. If the Yankees meet the Red Sox in the postseason, Judge needs to figure out how to hit at Fenway because right now, it’s downright ugly.

During his career, Judge has played 18 career games at Fenway. Short sample size but the numbers are still staggering. In 83 at-bats, Judge carries a batting line of just .164/.265/.315 in Boston. For a hitter the caliber of Judge, that’s no acceptable. However, there appears to be a reason for his struggles. In those at-bats, Judge doesn’t have a single hit towards left field. No a single ball has peppered the monster. Something that should be every right handed hitters friend at Fenway. Judge hasn’t tried to go the other way. Instead, he pulls everything.

That may work at the Yankee Stadium bandbox. Pop flys leave the ballpark in New York. That’s not the case in Fenway. Especially in Boston. Instead of tanking home runs, Judge is flying out at Fenway. Pitchers know it. They beg him to go the other way. Judge won’t do it and tries to pull the ball. Judge has also punched out 24 times in those at-bats.

Who’s better? Mookie Betts or Aaron Judge? Well, Judge better thank his lucky stars that he doesn’t play all his home games at Fenway. Mookie Betts has mastered Fenway Park. He won the MVP and Gold Glove in 2018 playing the toughest right field in the majors. The Yankees better hope that Judge makes the adjustment. It could be their kryptonite if they face Boston in another postseason series. It didn’t turn out so well for New York a year ago.