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SimBull NBA Winners And Losers Post NBA Draft Lottery

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SimBull NBA Winners And Losers

For lottery teams, the NBA Draft Lottery is like Christmas morning. You find out if your inability to win games will pay off a month later by landing a future (hopefully) superstar in the NBA Draft. Last night we found out the NBA Draft order, which I will drop below. With the lottery done, let’s take a look at some winners and losers on SimBull NBA from tonight and some teams to take a look at investing in leading into the 2021-2022 NBA Season.

Winner: Detroit Pistons

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way. Obviously, the draft lottery “winner” Detroit Pistons are going to be a winner out of this because they landed the first overall pick in the draft. The consensus number one overall pick is Cade Cunningham out of Oklahoma State and he will likely start his career in Detroit, pending they don’t pull a typical Pistons move and somehow screw it up. Their current value is $21, the third-lowest on SimBull, but with the future pick of Cunningham, that value should see a slight increase.

Loser: Cade Cunningham

Poor Cade Cunningham. This dude is an absolute baller and can make any team better almost off the bat. But with the current status in Detroit with having little to no talent and not really being a free agent destination, it’s going to be hard to find value wherever he goes. Hopefully he pulls an Eli Manning and demands a trade out of Detroit because his career will waste away until he hits UFA.

Winner: Toronto Raptors

Going into the NBA Draft lottery, they had the 7th best odds to win the lottery. Making the jump from 7th to 4th lands them one of the premier 4 players in this draft class, and on a roster with Kyle Lowry, OG Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, and Gary Trent Jr., they are a piece away from making the jump back into contention in a top-heavy Eastern Conference. Their SimBull NBA value is $23, the 7th lowest on SimBull. Definitely consider taking a few shares of the Raptors because this team will win next year.

Loser: Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls had a rough night tonight in the lottery by landing the 8th pick, which moves to the Orlando Magic, meaning the Bulls will not have a first-round pick this year. This team at the all-star break was flirting with a playoff spot but faltered down the stretch and missed out. With your best player being Zach LaVine and having two nice pieces in Lauri Markkanen and Coby White, the drop-off in talent is evident. Their SimBull NBA value is $25, and if you have faith in this team getting better into next year without a first-round pick, then go for it. I would advise against it, however.

Winner: Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic are onto something, and maybe we should take notice. They landed the 8th pick from Chicago, as I mentioned above, and the 5th pick of their own. This draft class is a little top-heavy but has some nice depth in it, but you would be off in not trying to maybe flip one of those picks for a good player. Depending on how the board falls, you move the 8th pick unless your guy is gone at 5. Whatever you do with these picks, this gives Orlando a ton of potential to make a little noise this off-season. Currently valued at $19, the second-lowest on SimBull, it’s certainly a tempting value to snag a share or two in the long term.

Loser: San Antonio Spurs

Currently having +300 odds to land Ben Simmons in a trade, landing a premier draft spot would have helped a trade package for Simmons tremendously. There seems to be a lot of noise surrounding these rumors, and former Spurs player Bruce Bowen recently said he would send the farm for Simmons, basically. Whatever your personal opinion on it, looking at you, Alex Chick, you can’t deny that a top pick wouldn’t have helped the matter. The Spurs will be just fine without him, but man Simmons in a Spurs fiesta jersey looks REAL good.

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