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Breece Hall
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Should Dynasty Fantasy Owners View Breece Hall As A Home Run Pick?

Breece Hall
Should dynasty fantasy owners view Breece Hall as a home run selection with their rookie pick? Hall is the consensus first pick off the board but are we sure that’s the right path? (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Should Dynasty Fantasy Owners View Breece Hall As A Home Run Pick?

Dynasty owners and fantasy owners that participate in long term fantasy leagues have a very important question to ask at the start of their draft. Is Breece Hall the top rookie selection on the board and should you be satisfied with just picking the new Jets starting running back? While on the surface, Hall appears to be the right pick, are we sure it’s really that simple?

If you’re a dynasty owner and you’re set to do your rookie draft, Hall looks like the easy pick on paper. Hall was the first running back drafted in the 2022 NFL Draft. Running backs might be a dime a dozen, but not really so much when it comes to fantasy. Finding those young running backs are what wins you titles.

Taking Hall first in a rookie draft feels really justifiable given the other options coming out of the 2022 NFL Draft. Do you trust any of these quarterbacks? Hell, even a guy like Kenny Pickett is being thrust into a defensive, run the football type team. Not exactly something that screams fantasy success. This wide receiver class also appears loaded but it also doesn’t have a name at the top like Ja’Marr Chase that truly is head and shoulders above the rest of the class.

You also have to consider the Jets factor. What can go wrong for the Jets, will go wrong for the Jets. Do you want to take anybody that gets picked by the Jets? It’s a real question and has to be factored in.

Truthfully, if I had the first pick in a rookie draft this year, I’d be dying to move down. I just can’t buy that Hall is the slam dunk first pick. Can I push this pick a year down the road when I know I can get my hands on Bijan Robinson? Wouldn’t it be better to collect an additional asset and take my chances with James Cook who is in a much better landing spot (Buffalo). Can I go wrong with any of these receivers? They’re just safer long term fantasy wise.

I do think Hall will have success. At least some success. Do I think he will break rushing records? Probably not. Can he become a Matt Forte type guy and put up numbers? Sure! Is that good enough to justify taking him with the first pick in the rookie draft and never thinking twice about it? I’m not so sure. Hey, Michael Carter is pretty good too.

Dynasty and keeper league fantasy owners will have to decide how to go about projecting Hall long term. Do you buy this Jets rebuild? It’s not really something you ever want to buy stock in but you have to if you’re in on Hall. The Jets are improving but they can’t be considered a positive landing spot at the moment. I don’t envy any team that has to decide what to do with their first overall rookie pick this year. If I had the pick, I think I would pass on Hall and entertain trade offers.

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