Shaun Latham
Shaun Latham AKA 20 Dollar Chef has left Barstool Sports. It’s unclear why he has exited the company but Latham will be missed. (Barstool Image)

It feels like every single week, a Barstool personality exits the company. This next one is a massive departure in the Barstool Sports universe. Shaun Latham AKA 20 Dollar Chef has left Barstool.

The reason for Latham’s farewell is unclear at the moment.

Latham also posted a blog discussing his exit from the company. Mostly it described all the things he was involved in with the company.

“It was a good run. 

Today’s lesson, nothing lasts forever. I knew it coming into this job. It’s been the a hell of a run. I’ve done things here I couldn’t have made up on a mushroom trip 5 years ago. 

This job has been a dream come true. I’m not bitter it’s over. I’m happy for the almost 4 years of employment that’s changed my life. “

The next step for Latham in his career is very unclear. The one clear thing is that Latham is uber-talented. Latham is the most talented internet chef that’s out there. It’s not easy to make a cooking show funny, but the 20 Dollar Chef always delivers.

Posted below is his entire playlist of videos that were produced by Barstool:

I can’t confirm this, but it feels like Dave Portnoy never valued Latham the way he should have been. I think back to something posted in a previous article. Latham asked Portnoy to come on an episode of his show. Portnoy flat out made a mockery of him for no reason.

I wish Latham the best of luck moving forward. Cheers to the best internet chef out there. Let’s hope Vendetta can find an internet cook like the 20 Dollar Chef one of these days. I know I’d love to have him here.