Sevilla Lead for Kepa
Chelsea keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga has heavy links to moving to Sevilla on a loan. Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images.

Sevilla Lead for Kepa

It is no secret now that Frank Lampard is trying to get rid of Kepa Arrizabalaga. There have been links to Valencia and Sevilla. But it looks like Sevilla is in the lead for Kepa.

The 25-year-old goalkeeper is still trying to understand why Chelsea paid a £71.6 million fee for him in 2018. He has had trouble filling the role that Lampard thought he would. Lampard is less than impressed with Kepa’s playing this season. Especially after the loss to West Ham.

Chelsea is hoping to make a loan deal with Sevilla for Kepa. Due to the economic impact teams have taken from the pandemic, a permanent move seems unlikely for Kepa. This means that Chelsea will have to find the best loan offer.

The Sun has reported the link to Sevilla. Which would be a likely move if Sevilla is willing to help with Kepa’s wages. However, that may not be plausible since Kepa is the second-highest-paid player on Chelsea. Kepa makes £150,000 a week, and probably wouldn’t want a pay cut.

Another option for Chelsea is to charge a hefty loan fee, but allow a reduction in Kepa’s wage payments.

Lampard is already trying to eye who will replace Kepa. There is an option with Valencia that he could take. This would include Kepa leaving for Valencia to replace Jasper Cillessen, who would go to Ajax. Then Ajax keeper Andre Onana would make his way to Chelsea. It has been speculated that Onana will move to Chelsea, but Kepa’s ordeal is keeping the move on hold.

Having Kepa go to La Liga is against Chelsea’s normal transfer policy. However, this could help with Kepa regaining confidence. The Spaniard would be in his own country, playing against other Spaniards.

Lampard has reportedly called onto former Chelsea keeper Petr Cech to help with Kepa’s move. Cech, who is Chelsea’s technology advisor, reportedly was a huge help in landing Timo Werner. The Telegraph has reportedly linked Cech to helping with the Kepa ordeal.

The economic impact has changed expected transfer deals for teams. So, it will be interesting to see which teams will pull to get Kepa.