Pique Could Get Banned
Barcelona player Gerard Pique may get in trouble for what he said in an interview. Photo by Soccrates Images/Getty Images.

Gerard Pique could be in trouble for what he said at Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. He was frustrated with Barcelona’s tie to Sevilla on Friday. In a post-game interview, he seemed to take a dig at referees. However, he was referencing what happened at the Real Madrid vs. Valencia game. Pique could get banned due to what he said.

“It will be difficult to win the league… it will be hard for Madrid to drop points,” Pique said.

This was a dig towards the VAR decision. Rodrigo Moreno Machado scored for Valencia, but it was ruled offside. If you look at his position when the ball was kicked, he was barely offside. It was truly impressive that the referee caught it because Rodrigo was running back into the play.

Start watching at 1:36 to see the VAR decision.

Real Madrid went on to win the game.

Pique may have thought that the decision messed with the outcome of the game. What he said also makes suggestions about Madrid having the referee’s favor.

If he is denounced by the competition committee then they will punish him for what he said. This can consequently ban him for a length of time at the start of the 2020-21 season.

The next few days will be crucial to finding out if Pique will face consequences.

In my opinion, him being punished for this is stupid. People have been upset with the amount of inconsistency that has accompanied VAR. They don’t make the same calls for similar plays. It is no secret that it isn’t a perfect system.

Quite frankly, I can see Pique’s frustration. How does the referee even catch that littlest bit of offside? Pique may truly believe that Madrid has the referees in their pockets. But despite the frustration from many people, Rodrigo was caught offside. And although it is a close call, VAR made the right decision to call him for it.

I wonder if the competition committee wants to ban Pique for being passive-aggressive towards them, or if it’s because he’s calling VAR out for being inconsistent. Either way, it shouldn’t be a reason for a player to get banned.