Serie A Returns
Serie A team Juventus. Photo by Getty Images.

Serie A Returns

June is a big month for soccer in Europe with all the leagues kicking back off. The only major one that hasn’t is the French leagues as they can’t return until after September. But Italy has now confirmed that Serie A returns in mid-June.

The league was paused on March 9. They are hoping to restart the league around June 20.

As of right now, there are still 12 rounds and 4 postponed games to play. Coppa Italia also has to finish the final three games. This will give a total of 127 games left for Italian play for the season.

Coppa Italia was in the semi-finals of the tournament before all play was postponed. They hope to resume the second leg by June 13 or 14. Juventus will host Milan for the second leg after their 1-1 draw. While Napoli will welcome Inter after their 1-0 win in the first leg. This current schedule will then welcome the finals by June 17 and the next weekend of June 20-21.

This would leave the regular season to resume by June 22. They plan to do evening games due to the hot summers in Italy.

Juventus is currently in first place with a one point lead over Lazio. Inter is in third with Atalanta to follow.

Series A will be testing all of the players. If someone tests positive, they will have to quarantine the whole team. This will mess up the season schedule. If there is a large portion of players testing positive the league will have to pause again. As of right now, the Plan B would be to do playoffs instead. If that doesn’t work, Plan C would be using a sports merit algorithm that would figure out who wins the league title, European placement and relegation.

Let’s keep our hopes up that the players can stay healthy for themselves and so Serie A can return.