Soccer is Returning
FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images.

After the return of Bundesliga, all eyes have been on La Liga and Premier League to see when they will return. With both leagues returning in June, it looks like soccer is returning.

La Liga

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez gave the green light to resume sports in Spain. For La Liga, each team has only 11 matches left to complete the season.

The first fixtured will be between Sevilla and Real Betis on June 11. Following this, the games will play every weekday with late afternoon, evening or night kick-offs. Players will have a 72-hour rest period between games, with summer temperature affecting play.

With this lineup, there could be 32 consecutive days of play from La Liga to finish the season by July 19.

Teams can currently train in groups of 10, but larger sessions will return on June 1.

La Liga president Javier Tebas will be monitoring Covid-19 numbers during the return. If the number of infections can stay low then the season can proceed as planned.

The current goal is to finish the season by the end of July, so August can stay open for other European competitions.

Premier League

There had been a 100-day break from Premier League. After constant battles of when play can resume, there has been a unanimous decision to return play on June 17.

The first matchup will be Manchester City vs. Arsenal and Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United to catch all teams up to 29 games played. The remaining 90 games will start the following weekend.

Much like La Liga, the goal is to finish by August 1, so FA Cup final, Champions League and Europa League fixtures can resume.

If everyone can continue to stay healthy and follow the guidelines, it looks like soccer is returning.