Scotty Ice's 6 Pack

Super Bowl Sunday is here! On the most recent episode of Kriegs Korner, Scotty Ice and I broke down our favorite prop bets in Scotty Ice’s 6 Pack and talked them through.

Scotty Ice’s Picks

  1. Largest Lead in Game- Under 14.5 (-110) The game should be a close one according to Scott, so the two touchdown lead as well as then .5 hook gives him a safety net.
  2. Margin of Victory – Under 7.5 (-110) This ties in to Scott thinking their will not be a blowout tonight, the first bet could lose but as long as either team keeps it within a TD Scott wins this one
  3. The game will be tied after 0-0 (-137) So, if the game is tied at any point after a team scores, this one is a winner, Scott is banking on this game being close so a 7-7 or a 3-3 game after a score gives him a winner
  4. Both teams kick a 32+ Yard FG (-110) Both kickers have playoff experience and have shown that they can kick from distance already. Scott thinks both teams will take points wherever they can get it, so a 40 yard FG for both teams doesn’t seem like to big of a risk
  5. Tyreek Hill +24.5 yards vs Nuggets Team total (-110) – Scott getting fancy on these cross sport bets, if Hills yards are within 24 points of however many the Nuggets score vs the Kings, Scott has a winner
  6. Super Bowl first half points -.5 vs Harden’s Points (-110) – Another cross sport bet, but Scott thinks this game will be low scoring, but Harden has been a facilitator for the Nets so he thinks there will be more first half points in football the Harden will put up in the game.

Kriegs Picks

  1. 2 Point Conversion Attempt (-145) My thought process is someone is going to miss an XP, so one coach will be chasing that extra point, the 2 point doesn’t need to be successful, but just they need to line up and go for it.
  2. Under 10.5 3rd Down Conversions (-115) I do not think that these QB’s will have their team in too many 3rd down spots, and if they do the defense’s of these teams will get off the field.
  3. Over 1:59 National Anthem Time (+105) For what it’s worth, we recorded Thursday night, and this one of my picks, On Saturday a report came out that the anthem was going over after a rehearsal video leaked,. Some books took this down already, but since I gave it out I am keeping it live.
  4. Gatorade Color Bath: Red (+165) – I mean both team’s colors are red, so I can not see a world where this doesn’t happen. I mean those are famous last words, but I would be an idiot not to give this out.
  5. Super Bowl MVP: Lenny (+2500), Evans (+2800), and Hill (+1000) – If for some reason neither QB gets MVP these are all position players that have a chance to snag them. If either of those guys has 2 TD’s this can be a winner.
  6. Any Deffensive MVP (+750) Both teams have great D, so two interceptions in a big spot or maybe a strip-sack fumble for JPP I think can win this. Also just doing math, 22 guys can win this award, so I will take the value in quantity here

Game Plays

Scott thinks Chiefs will win and the total will go UNDER 56. I got the Buc’s ML +145 and the over. Although both D’s are great, I can not go under with Mahomes and Brady leading these teams.