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Jey Uso falls in line on Smackdown will Jimmy?
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WWE fans anxiously await the confirmation of a rumor swirling around recently: Roman Reigns and the Usos joining forces. Should this come to fruition it would be Reigns first faction since Shield.

Roman Reigns, who is cousins with the Usos, could be joining forces with them to become a family unit.

At Hell in a Cell, we witnessed Roman Reigns beat Jey Uso in an I quit match inside the Cell. This match was not only just part of a WWE storyline; It was about family. In real life, Leati Joseph Anoa’i (Roman Reigns) and Joshua Samuel Fatu (Jey Uso) are second cousins. The match at Hell in a Cell was about becoming the Tribal Chief of the family. So what does this mean for The Usos and Reigns?

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen many factions come together, including Retribution and The Hurt Business.

The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) have faced the good guys for most of their careers; both superstars may have just turned heel, though after what Jey Uso did on Friday Night Smackdown!

At the end of the night on Smackdown, we witnessed Uso tell his cousin that he is with him. He understood that Roman is at the head of the table and understands Roman has always loved him. After the Uso brothers match with Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns told Jey Uso to finish him, and he followed orders.

Now the real question is, what will happen between the Uso brothers? Will Jimmy (Jonathan Solofa Fatu) fall in line when he returns as well? What about Jimmy’s wife in real life, who is also a WWE superstar (Naomi)? Could we see the four of them join together and become a dominant force in the WWE?

We’ve seen Jimmy Uso around a little in the past couple of weeks, but he’s expected to return from injury in January 2021. But, as Friday Night Smackdown left us on a cliffhanger, we should expect to learn more about this possible team next week.

Jimmy Uso has said they have never been approached to split up in the past, and he told his brother Jey that they could become the only tag team in WWE that stayed together for their entire careers.

Stay tuned next Friday to see what happens with the family.

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