Sam Ponder Dave Portnoy
Sam Ponder and Dave Portnoy have a long-standing feud. That came to blows in an hour-long argument in the middle of an NYC restaurant. (Wayne Davis/ESPN Images)

Sam Ponder and Dave Portnoy have a long-standing feud. Somehow the feud came to blows in public in the middle of a New York City restaurant. Portnoy hates Ponder because she was primarily responsible for canceling Barstool Van Talk on ESPN. Ponder hates Portnoy because he made jokes about always having her kid on College GameDay.

Ponder denied having her son on the show, but of course, that was a blatant lie. Portnoy and Ponder had an hour-long argument in the middle of a restaurant.

The information can be heard on the new Dave Portnoy Show.

“It was Tuesday night. Went out to dinner. I was out on a date. Went out to Catch, it’s a restaurant in New York across the street, have dinner. I’m walking out of the restaurant and a girl is like hanging out on the side of the bar by herself. She’s like “do you recognize me?” and I’m looking at her and I’m like “No”… and I didn’t… I’m like oh my god, what’s going on here. She was wearing a hat, she takes it off. She’s like “what about now?” I’m like “still no” and like no clue who this girl is. And I’m like usually not mean to girls. I could tell it wasn’t like a “hey remember me lets hug it out” She was like saying it with anger. Then she’s like “you don’t recall like saying that I’m a slut?” – Dave Portnoy

Portnoy said that Ponder denies trying to get Barstool Van Talk fired. Of course, another crazy take considering what she tweeted out. There’s a lot of information to dive into so if you want to hear the full story, give the episode a listen. Portnoy’s story is wild, especially since Ponder tries to play the victim for canceling the show.

Portnoy knows what he’s doing. The Barstool audience or any readers love the drama. Credit to Ponder for sticking to her guns and confronting Portnoy. The weirdest part of the story is that an NFL quarterback (not her husband) (later confirmed to be Colt McCoy) was with her. What a WILD story.

Canceling Van Talk was a good thing for Barstool. The Pardon My Take podcast took off, and their dominating ESPN in terms of viewership.